We bring food products from the fields to your homes by improving their raw materials quality.

About us

The Arsis Life brand is a manufacturer of high quality raw materials. This company has been in the field of production in order to improve the health of the society since 1396 with the aim of creating a "healthy lifestyle".

Various herbal and fruit demo products have also been formulated for a variety of tastes and flavors based on the combination of different herbs and fruits with medicinal properties and greater effectiveness. Eleven herbal flavors and seven fruit flavors are currently available.

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The correct way to brew Herbal and fruits Tea Bag:

Brewing herbals and fruits or extracting their essences are of the most widespread and oldest methods of using herbal medicines. Various kinds of herbal teas had been in many people's scope of attention from distant past to now.

Herbal Tea is a beverage which is made out of dried or fresh flowers, leaves, pedicels, roots, seeds, peels and other water-soluble parts of medicinal herbs.

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ARSIS LIFE Herbal and Fruit Teas

A Cup of Nature's Fragrance Blend We Offer You to Spend an Energetic Day

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